Here Comes Spring

With the incoming warmer temperatures, it is time for students to start using different means to travel on campus, enjoy themselves in their free time, and enjoy the ability to dress lightly. It always makes one feel more cheerful about doing anything when the warmth arrives  and here are some examples of what I do to enjoy the campus of the University of Illinois in the spring season.

When the spring heat comes upon the city of Champaign-Urbana, I find myself rolling out the old bike. This is a very exciting time for me because I know now I can avoid the difficult parking and fees involved with traveling around campus. Riding my bike to class also means more exercise for me, which is a rare commodity when you are sitting through lectures most of the day.

Being a transfer student, I did need to learn where and how long my bike routes would be so that I could be on time to classes, but that was simple because it only took following a well-mapped path to see the time it took. Now biking is my preferred method of travel at the University of Illinois, and it only becomes available when spring shows its warmth.


Because it is becoming warmer on campus, it also means that students can do much more outside for recreation and academics. One thing I personally do is run around the numerous parks nearby and walk my dog through the neighborhoods. This allows me to unwind from the work I do for my classes and relieve stress.

Life as a student at the University of Illinois is certainly not easy, but finding ways to reset one’s mind, such as running, makes unwinding very doable. Also, the spring season allows students to walk from class to class and enjoy being outside between classes instead of bolting back home. The warmth truly makes life at school free.


Lastly, the heat makes it possible to dress comfortably and lightly, which causes one’s day to be more easily lived. I know when the pleasant temperatures arrive I lose my coat, sweater, and heavy pants in place of tee shirts, running jackets, and thin pants/shorts. This thin shell of clothing gives anyone a sense of energy because the increased temperatures and lighter clothes put on a sense of increased liveliness and excitement for the summer to come.


This is why the simple occurrence of temperature increase and the habits which follow around spring bring a feeling of joy to students on and off campus.


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