Online Classes Make Illinois Great

One of the best things about Illinois is that you can choose a lot of the classes you can take. Sure, there are some general education requirements for the school and your major. However, even then you can choose from hundreds of class options. Classes are taught by Pulitzer Prize winners, Nobel Peace Prize winners and people in the industry, which is so insanely cool.

But us Millennials are so tech savvy, some of us can learn even better online than in the classroom. Illinois knows this very well and has plenty of online classes students can take. Some are eight weeks long and others are full semester (16-week long) courses.

I have taken a ton of online classes¬†here for my Sociology minor, such as Deviance and Technology &¬†Society. Taking the class online has given me a lot of flexibility to take the class whenever I want, and I don’t necessarily have to roll out of bed to go to class. Nothing beats a healthy sleep!

Online classes have also allowed me to learn more about the course content because now I have all the time in the world to read my textbook, but professors bring in tons of YouTube videos, documentaries, and television shows to teach us, too. This is effective for some people because documentaries take longer to watch than class time, so it gives us the ability to watch it on our time and really learn more about the topic.

If I ever do have questions about the coursework or need clarification on a concept, the professors are gracious enough to hold in-person office hours, so I always take advantage of those. Pro tip: always go to your professor’s office hours! It’s nice for them to know who you are, and you’ll enjoy the class more if you get to know the professor that’s teaching it. They end up being really interesting if you take the time to get to know them.

I recommend any Illini take one online class to see if it’s their kind of learning style. I’m thankful I did.


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