Where to Live Your Freshman Year Based on Your Personality

At the University of Illinois, there are plenty of living arrangements for your Freshman year. Here, I’ll discuss a few University Housing options and a few Private Certified Housing options.

Private Certified Housing

Bromley Hall

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Bromley Hall is Private Certified residence hall for undergraduate students. If social life is important to you, the Bromley is the place to live. Many students are from the Northern suburbs of Chicago, so there is a great sense of community within Bromley. Bromley offers study rooms on each floor, as well as suite-style rooms with shared bathrooms and showers. The downside of Bromley is that you do not get university food credits, and therefore don’t have credits to use at I-57 (a university-run convenience store), other dining halls, or The Caffeinator (a coffee shop run by university dining).

Newman Hall

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Newman Hall is another residence hall that’s part of Private Certified Housing. Newman is a co-ed, religiously-affiliated community that offers both suite-style and traditional-style rooms. If you are looking for the perfect balance of social life and school, Newman is perfect for you. Like Bromley, you will not get credits to use at other residence halls.

University Housing

Ikenberry Commons

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Also know as, “The Ike,” Ikenberry Commons is a group of residence halls all located in the same area. The Ike includes Hopkins Hall, Nugent Hall, Weston Hall, Wassaja, Bousfield, Scott, Snyder, and Taft Van-Doren. Some of these dorms are more updated than others, and all offer a traditional style of housing. Many of these halls are co-ed. All of them offer credits, which can be used at any university dining hall, as well as any of the university-run stores. The Ike is one of the most common areas for undergraduate students to live.

Pennsylvania Avenue Residence 

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Pennsylvania Avenue Residence, or PAR for short, is located in Urbana. It is co-ed by floor and offers a few living-learning communities. The rooms are standard dorm style. PAR is typically quieter than other dorms, so finding a quiet place to study is never a problem. Again, PAR has credits that can be used at any dining hall or any university-run store.



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I am studying Middle Grades Education with concentrations in Social Sciences and Literacy in the College of Education. Although I now reside in Champaign, I am originally from Vernon Hills, a Northwest suburb of Chicago.


  • Hello! I’ve been visiting like crazy and doing all the research I can do to try to figure out which Hall is best for me. I’m trying to decide between Wassaja, Nugent, Bromley, and Illini Towers. I’ve heard that Illini Towers doesn’t have much to offer in terms of a social life so that’s towards the bottom of my list. I’m looking for a place that’s easy to make friends, social, involved, up to date, and friendly. However I don’t want a place where I’m the only one not partying on a Friday night. So basically, I’m looking for a place with a nice mix of social life and school. Any suggestions?

  • Hey Emily!
    As I understand, you are considering Wassaja, Nugent, Bromley, and Illini Towers. I currently live in Bromley, so I can definitely say that it is a very social dorm. It can get loud at times, especially on weekends, but there is always a friendly face to say hi to in the halls or grab dinner with. For more information on Private housing vs. University housing, feel free to check out my earlier post.
    Hope this helps!