Buy Some Boots

When you come to study at the University of Illinois, it will be a brilliant idea to buy some boots for snow. Tennis shoes won’t cut it and just bringing flip-flops is practically a crime. During the winter in Champaign-Urbana, it can get quite cold. With the cold weather, there is a constant threat of snow.

How do I know there is a constant threat of snow? It’s March right now, and there is snow on the ground. Walking to class, going to dinner, or joining friends at the library would be almost impossible if not for my trusted snow boots. Central Illinois and its weather simply demands that I bring this crucial item.

After all, it does not really matter what brand you buy, just make sure they are warm and ready for slick surfaces. If you do invest in some nice snow boots, you’ll be sure to enjoy the winter scenery of the Quad and campus at large. Just ask anyone on campus, they will tell you that winter is breathtaking for almost anyone.

So start going online or to your local store and look for that special pair of boots that you like and will serve their purpose well. I promise that in the middle of January when all your friends want to go out and make snow angels, you will not your regret your purchase. Plus, you never know when snow boots might come into high fashion.


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