It’s Spring! There’s a Break!

Now that spring is about here and the break is looming ahead at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, students find themselves with a multitude of plans regarding what to do with this free time. These vacations range from trips to new places to simply trips around campus or home. However one spends this break, I will let you know how I suggest it be done.

I, for one, recommend a student at least visit home for spring break, if possible, because doing so tends to get one a feeling of recharge of energy by seeing relatives and familiar places. It may seem simple at first and not quite worth the trouble, but let me tell you that the refreshing feeling one gets by going home for a bit of time makes the next few weeks of school feel like a new, rejuvenated semester. I personally find myself getting the couple of homework assignments I have done quickly and well while at home, and I see myself getting excited again to go back to school because I had the break which gave me the energy/confidence to return to producing good work.


If a student cannot leave campus for break, I recommend they at least remove themselves from the academic environment so that they feel refreshed when returning. Try to go to a nearby town such as Springfield for a trip or go to surrounding parks and events to get away from the “grind” for awhile. With that said, I think we all agree the idea behind spring break is to get a break so go ahead and get one.

And so as spring break approaches, many students tend to go away and leave the academic environment for the week they are free to do so, and if you are a student who feels trapped on campus, do not panic because their are “micro trips” that you can take to get the same relief from the stresses of school. Therefore, to all students at the University of Illinois, have a great spring break!


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