You Should Consider a Minor

Upon entering the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, students tend to be primarily focused on their major and nothing else, which is a good thing at first, especially when getting acclimated. However, students tend to not acknowledge that there is opportunity to get minor degrees alongside their major in practically little to no time extra. By investigating this possibility, I found most electives, which fit into my other interests, help satisfy some type of minor degree.

To begin, I must credit my mother for this discovery because it is due to her that I have found a minor degree, Sustainability, Energy, and Environment Fellows Program (SEEFP). She convinced me that all of the electives that I was doing to meet the 60-credit-hour residency requirement as a transfer student should satisfy at least most of a minor degree, and my mother was certainly right.


In my case, I found myself taking a lot of electives revolving around the environment and earth science, and that made me think that my mom could be right because I felt there must be a minor similar to environmental science. Very quickly, I searched the university catalog for minors to see which one was the closest match to my chosen free elective path. After sifting through a few minors relating the environment and sustainability, I found SEEFP. Without even knowing it, I had completed or intended to complete by the next semester’s end all but two classes required for the minor and did not hesitate to apply for the certification. I found myself doing electives I enjoyed and now getting credit for them, and it was quite refreshing after, like all of us, having to take some unfavorable classes to get our desired majors.


And so, I suggest anyone attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign check and see if they are inadvertently taking electives for fun that may count for a minor degree. I know I certainly did, but, best of all, this has enhanced my college experience because I no longer feel I am just taking additional electives to receive credit hours. Instead, I now feel all my efforts at the college serve a purpose/goal, which is to attain a major in Engineering Physics and a minor in SEEFP.


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