Art, Violins, and the Finer Things in Hong Kong

They say a Hong Kong second is a New York minute. After spending the past two months here, I wholeheartedly agree—so many days have gone by in a blur, and I’m somehow halfway done with my semester abroad!

In an effort to slow things down, I treated myself to a weekend of art and enjoyment. After I got out of class on Friday, I met up with some friends to go to an art studio that was hosting an “art jam.” For a small fee, we could hang out in the studio and paint whatever we wanted to, with all of the art supplies provided for us.

I stared at the blank canvas in front of me for about ten minutes, deliberating what I should paint. I wanted to create something that would always remind me of my time in Hong Kong, and the first image that came to mind was of the traditional red-sail Chinese boats that I always see in Victoria Harbour:

I’m not a skilled painter by any means, so I just applied a series of random brushstrokes and hoped for the best. I got a bit lazy when it came to painting the city skyline in the background, so I ended up cutting building shapes from newspaper and gluing them on.

My attempt at painting
Me and my more artistically-inclined friends

The next day, I went to a recital featuring Ray Chen, an internationally celebrated violinist. My friend Heidi is a huge fan of classical music and is a talented violinist herself, so it was really fun spending the evening with her. I’ve always enjoyed classical music while studying or relaxing, but I never knew it could be so exciting live. It was surreal getting to experience the show in Hong Kong, too—I think it was the first time I was in a room full of people who were all completely still!

It was nice to get out of my own head and appreciate beauty in different forms this weekend—it gave me a new sense of perspective, and I’m ready to take on whatever the second half of this semester has in store!



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