Let’s Get Real: There is No Place Like Home

As the high school class of 2017 spends their last few weeks in a familiar and comfortable place, it is likely the nerves are setting in.

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I remember my last day of high school like it was yesterday. I was excited, anxious, nervous, and claimed that I was ready to leave and never look back. I never thought that after only four weeks away at college, I would be terribly homesick.

But now, as the year wraps up, I have the luxury of looking back in retrospection.

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It turns out that all of my friends, at colleges across the country, felt the same way I did. Everybody felt unsure, everybody felt homesick, and everyone had doubts on whether they had picked the right school for them. I can honestly say that this feeling is completely normal, and should be expected.

All great things take some getting used to. It is not easy to pick up your life and readjust it in a few weeks. That being said, patience in freshman year of college is a necessity.

Everything will fall into place. And until it does, make the best of every moment because it certainly does go fast.

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