Freshman Year Reflections

As the academic year at the University of Illinois wraps up, the time for reflection is upon all students. And luckily, I have the opportunity to share my realizations with you, the future of Illinois.

I have developed three pieces of advice for a student’s first semester at college.

Be Proactive

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First thing’s first, college is not like high school at all. In high school, most of you have¬†eight class periods a day with a lunch and a study hall, meaning six classes of homework per night. A big misconception is that, because you only have three or four classes a day in college, the homework load is lighter. This is absolutely false. Each class can give anywhere from one to three hours of homework per night, which adds up after three classes a day. Doing work in advance is the best tip I can give and will save you a lot of stress in the long run.

Be Positive

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A bad attitude will get you nowhere in both college and life in general. There will be times that the stress seems like too much, and there will be times when you are bored out of your mind. Staying positive is key. Positivity is contagious and leads to the best educational environment.

Balance is Everything

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The pressure is on for your first semester at college. There will be an overload of school work and social events, and it may seem hard to pick and choose priorities. Be mindful of all of the options in front of you, while remembering that there is more to your college experience than grades. College is not strictly social or academic, but a nice balance of the two.

Most of all, enjoy every moment and embrace every opportunity. Four years will go faster than you can believe at the University of Illinois!



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