Why You Should Take a Class in the College of Education … Even If You’re Not Majoring in It!

Part of my job as an Admissions Blogger is to use my experiences to inform you, the future of Illinois! And I would not be doing so to my fullest potential if I didn’t brag about the College of Education every now and then. So, as new students, begin to think about what classes to take at the University of Illinois, I highly encourage everyone, regardless of major, to take a class in the College of Education.


1. Education classes are often discussion based, unlike many lectures in other majors. It always feels good to get your own ideas out, discuss with peers, and have your voice be heard. Education classes are typically small, too, making it easy to meet new people and really connect with your professors.

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2. People who major in education are in it to change the face of education. Thus, people from all different backgrounds gather in this major. It is both refreshing and humbling to hear the experiences of others, learn new cultures, and celebrate both the similarities that connect us and differences that make us unique.

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3. Last but certainly not least, the professors in the College of Education are ~amazing~! Even the TA’s are experts in the field, with incredible insight. And truthfully, what better people to teach education than educators, right?

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