Roommate of a Lifetime

Having a roommate freshman year is a total roll of the dice if it’s someone you don’t even know. Just a couple months before move-in, my roommate’s name popped up on the computer screen. From then on, I knew Jehlani was my roommate. I didn’t know what to expect, but on the first day of school, Jehlani and I clicked and have been clicking ever since.

Late nights of talking and sharing stories, quick runs to Green Street for food, and someone who has been there through all the ups and downs is how Jehlani and I have connected through our time of knowing each other. Jehlani and I never seemed like the likeliest of friends because he was from the city and I am from the country, but when we are chilling together, none of that even matters. I know I can count on him for anything and everything because we always have each other’s backs.

I cannot express how great it is that I found someone who can be such a fantastic friend in college. Your time in college is going to be filled with uncertainty and the adventures of mixed emotions. A lasting friendship is what can anchor this entire experience. I was certainly glad to have a roommate that I could call a friend, but even more so, I am thrilled that we have remained friends since our time as roommates ended.

I write this post because I hope that everyone can come to college and find a friend like Jehlani. In many ways, this friendship has been one of the most valuable things that I have gained from my time in college so far. In college, don’t try to make just any connection; make the connections that will matter.



Class of 2019
I’m an Advertising student within the College of Media. My hometown is a place called Fairmount, Illinois, which is about 30 minutes from campus. I began my Illinois journey in the Division of General Studies.

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  • I am going to join college next year.So, I have lot of concerns in my mind.But this writing is really intriguing because now I can visualize myself sharing all my ups and downs with a friend whom I may get in college.