Playing Video Games in College

In college, stress will sometimes be at a max. You have to find an escape that is healthy and can take your mind off of the homework and things that are on your plate. While there are a myriad of ways to take the stress off, I have recently found that video games are a brilliant way to get away from it all.

Around a week ago, I went out and bought the Nintendo Switch because why not? Although the excitement for the new console was the main attraction, I had found that playing the Switch makes me more productive and ready to take on the next task at hand. Not only has playing the Switch taken some collegiate stress off, but I feel that it helps with focus, too. All of this has been accomplished by playing a little bit everyday.

Whether it is video games or really anything else that is healthy and energizing, every college student should find an outlet for relaxation. It’s an essential part of what makes a well-rounded college experience. So, long story short, don’t be afraid to explore what makes you happy and will help you to have the college experience you’re looking for.


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