Floral Spring

Although it seems to get hotter and hotter outside, we are still grateful for the two or three weeks of spring on our campus. It is one of the favorite moments when we could see various kinds of flowers with gorgeous appearances by the roadside.

There is a pear tree in front my apartment, and it stayed quiet for most of the year. However, when it has pear blossoms, the whole attention of this area is attracted by it. The flowers are like clusters of white clouds floating in front of my eyes with sweet smells. When the wind passes through, petals will dance with the wind in the air and fall asleep on the ground, and sometimes I get some on my shoulder.

Photo Taken by Yujia Deng

During this two weeks, the Japan House is a “must go” place on the campus. The cherry trees usually bloom during the beginning few weeks of April, and the weather is just right. It is pleasant to invite few friends to enjoy the beauty cherry blooms on weekends and take pretty pictures of the precious memory.


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April 16, 2017, 9:21 am

this is my first visit here and i realy enjoyed this post. thank you alot im bookmarking this page for my daily visits



April 24, 2017, 9:55 am

Nice story…Thanks for telling us about that.