Why myIllini?

Today I want to talk about one of the great resources we have for our prospective and admitted students: myIllini! myIllini is so much more than just our application portal. It houses several different ways for your to interact with Illinois.

Why should I use myIllini?

myIllini is a one-stop admissions shop for prospective and admitted students. The more information each student provides in his or her profile, the more personalized the overall experience will be. Once you create your account and input some of your academic interests, we can follow up by email with more information on those corresponding programs and send you helpful reminders throughout the admissions process. Additionally, myIllini is the website through which you can schedule campus visits, apply, and manage your admitted checklist … but more on that below!

How do I use myIllini?

Once you create your account, you will land on a dashboard that looks like the one pictured here (note that this screenshot was taken from my computer, but myIllini is also mobile friendly). There are several different features on the homepage. Starting clockwise from the top:

Myillini Dashboard

1. Your Profile: This is where you’ll start when you create your account. As discussed earlier,  you can input all of your interests in your profile so that we can make sure you stay in the loop. Fill out as much as you can/want. It’s okay if yours looks like mine and isn’t filled out all the way—we’ll use the information you provide in your application, not your profile, in your application review for admission.

2. Visit: Come see us on campus! When you click the “Schedule Visit” button, you will be brought to a landing page of all the different types of visits we have at Illinois. Choose one you would like to attend, and you can register right from there. It’s quick and easy.

3. Events Near You: See if Illinois will be in your area soon! Our admissions counselors travel across the country to college fairs, receptions, and other events. Note that high school visits won’t typically show up in this box, so you can also check your school’s schedule to see if we’re visiting you.

4. Your Admissions Counselor: Lucky me! If I were a prospective student, my admissions counselor would be Amber. Check this box out to see who yours will be (maybe it’s me!). And feel free to say hello—there’s an email link right in the box for you to send a message or ask a question.

5. Apply: This is the big one, folks! When you’re ready to apply, hit “Start New App” and let the fun begin. Once you begin a new application, it will show up in blue in this box. A few things can happen when you click on this link to your app, depending on where you are at in the process:

  • If you’re applying—If you’re still working on your application, this is the link you’ll want to click to access it again.
  • If you’ve applied—Once you’ve applied, this link will bring you to your status page. Check your status page regularly! This is where you’ll see the items we require to complete your file, as well as the items we’ve already received. The status page will also have a PDF copy of the application as it was originally submitted and application change forms in case you need to make any edits.
  • If you’re admitted—After clicking this link for the first time to see that you were admitted (congratulations!) this page will turn into your all-important admitted student checklist. Your checklist will house all of the things you need to do next (accepting your offer, completing your housing contract, etc.) so that you’re ready to join us once the semester starts.

It’s never too early to start a myillini account. There are quite a few helpful resources that will come in handy before you’re ready to apply. Start working on yours today at myillini.illinois.edu!


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Hannah Burke

May 2, 2017, 2:28 pm

Hi there!

I created a myillini account in 2015 and I still have all the log in information. I am applying again as a transfer student for the 2018 academic school year. Should I create a new myillini or should I keep my current account? I also would like to make sure I receive information in the mail, since I never received any after I created my first myillini account. Thanks so much for the help!



May 8, 2017, 9:43 am

Hi Hannah,

Great question! You should use your already existing account. Once you log in, double check your profile to make sure that all of your information is still accurate and up to date, including your mailing address. Hope that helps!