Best Delivery Food On Campus

Okay, I’ll admit it: even I get lazy towards the end of the semester. And, as always, with my procrastination comes an increased demand for delivery dinners.

So I’m here today to tell all of you prospective students the best delivery on campus!

  1. Chopstix
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    Any Illinois student will tell you that Chopstix is the go-to Chinese delivery on campus. It is cheap, tasty, and gives huge portions. Some of my favorites are the sesame chicken or the steamed chicken and veggies. The meals always come with rice and fortune cookies, too.

  2. Jet’s Pizza
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    Jet’s is my favorite delivery pizza from the ‘burbs, but with two locations near campus, my love for Jet’s followed me to Champaign-Urbana. Jet’s is inexpensive and great quality. The corner pieces are the best, and I recommend getting it well done, too!

  3. Insomnia Cookies
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    Who doesn’t love cookies, especially in the middle of the night? Insomnia Cookies delivers cookies early into the morning, and the cookies always come warm and gooey. They usually have great specials for ordering in bulk, too. My favorite? Classic chocolate chip.

  4. Wingin Out
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    I’m not a huge wing fan, but plenty of my friends are. Wingin Out has the best wings on campus, and delivers. I recommend the mac and cheese bites.

  5. Jimmy John’s
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    A classic delivery with a catchy slogan, everyone knows about Jimmy John’s. Jimmy John’s made my best delivery list because, not only is it fast, but it is always delicious. The website allows you to customize your delivery order, too. My typical order is a number 4 with sprouts.


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