International Orientation: What You Need to Know

Another summer is here and a lot of our incoming international students have one thing on their mind, “When do I have to be on campus?”

The answer is simple, in time to not miss the biggest and best orientation program on campus!

International Orientation runs from August 21-24, which means students should plan on arriving on campus Sunday, August 20.

You can check out my blog from last year for more information on the program, but I wanted to make sure we updated you on some of the basics.

First and foremost, you can actually already register to take part in International Orientation.  As of April 28, registration is open through the International Student and Scholar Service’s  Undergraduate International Student Orientation page.

Go now so you can say, “I registered!”

Since you will be on campus before the official move-in day, students taking part in International Orientation will be able to move into their rooms early.  You can find more information this through Housing, but keep in mind there is an additional charge for Sunday-Wednesday housing.  The bonus is that this includes food!

Another big thing students want to get taken care of when they get to campus are cell phones and bank accounts.  Never fear, the first day of the program includes a Phone and Bank Fair where students can talk to different providers and set up service.  This was a HUGELY popular event last year, and we are excited that we will be able to continue it this year.

So fancy!

Remember, for more details, check out the Undergraduate International Student Orientation page, and if you have specific questions, they can go to International Student and Scholar Services at or New Student Programs at



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