My Time at Illinois in Photos

I’m graduating. I’m graduating in four days. And I’m really excited because Nick Offerman is our Commencement speaker, and for a whole host of other reasons that have to do with that fact that I’m about to earn a college degree!

When college is at its most brutal, it’s hard to imagine getting to this point, so I’m trying my best to enjoy the weather and the sights these last few days. It’s been a crazy, brilliant, too-speedy-quick four years.

Here’s my time at Illinois (in a handful of photos):


Jarling’s is my favorite ice cream place in Champaign. Hit up a friend with a car or hop a bus and make the trip. It’s worth it, if only for the lemon custard.


A photo from summer 2016 at Japan House. That’s my good friend Taylor. We both spent a (very fun) summer here in Champaign-Urbana, working and exploring the area.


Taken my first day of class this year in front of the Illini Union! SERIOUSLY feels like just yesterday.


A throwback to freshman year, when I spent way too much time napping in the Illini Union. Public napping: a staple of college life.


My actual Day 1, Megan. Megan and I met the first day of Allen Hall Orientation, and we can’t seem to shake each other. We’ve also been roommates for the past three years. I love her with all my heart! This is a pic from freshman year, too (you can tell from the lanyard around my neck).


Two of my faves: the Admissions and Records Building (where I’ve been Editorial Intern for the past year) and Cracked. That’s a Plan B, a super tasty veggie wrap.


Andrew Bird is one of my favorite singer/songwriters, and he came to Canopy Club, a music venue that is located literally on campus. He was fantastic, and my friends and I even nabbed front row.


Wandering through Rome (note the tiny, European car) in December 2015, following a semester spent as an exchange student in England. My memories from studying abroad are some of my best from college.


A photo I snapped of my boyfriend while we were studying together in the Main Library’s Reading Room (my favorite study spot) a few weeks ago. Austen and I also met in Allen Hall, and he’s been my partner in crime these past two years!

This isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from me, so look out!



Class of 2017
After starting my time at Illinois Undeclared in the Division of General Studies, I’m majoring in English and Economics with a minor in Informatics from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I’m from the relatively small town of Manhattan, Illinois.

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