It’s the Final (Transcript) Countdown

So you’ve accepted your admissions offer (congratulations!), walked across the graduation stage (CONGRATULATIONS!), and the admissions office is a distant memory by now …

You need to send us your final, official high school transcripts once your grades are available. Your transcripts will allow us to do three key things:

  • Make sure everything matches up nicely with the self-report you submitted last fall as part of your application (#tbt)
  • Take a look at your senior year work
  • Confirm your high school completion

We need to receive official final high school transcripts for our incoming Fall 2017 freshman students by July 10. These transcripts should include your grades for years 9 through 12 and confirmation of your graduation. We cannot use predicted results or transcripts labeled as unofficial for any student. If you are unable to submit official final transcripts by July 10, you must submit official documentation from grades 9 through 11 by that deadline. You’ll then need to send us your final transcript including grade 12 as soon as it’s available.

Transcripts should come directly from your school through the mail to our office. We can also accept electronic transcripts from schools that use electronic vendors. This does not mean we can accept official transcripts through our admissions email—rather, think Parchment or eScrip-Safe.

Send transcripts electronically, by mail, or by dog.

What if I’ve attended multiple high schools?

  • If you’ve attended multiple U.S. high schools and your current high school transcript lists the courses and grades from your previous high school, you can send the transcript from your current high school.
  • If you’ve attended multiple U.S. high schools and your current high school doesn’t list the courses and grades from your previous high school, you should send transcripts from both your current and previous school.
  • If you’ve transferred between an international high school and a U.S. high school or transferred between international schools, please send a transcript from each school you attended grades 9 through 12. Sometimes things from your original transcript can be lost in translation as you switch schools and grading systems.

There are some cases where students should send additional documentation beyond their transcripts:

  • AP tests: You should request that AP scores be sent from College Board to Admissions at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. These scores are sent electronically.
  • Dual Credit Classes: If you took a dual credit class, send us the official transcript from the community college, college, or university that is awarding credit, even if the coursework shows up on your high school transcripts. We need this transcript to award college credit.
  • British System (GCSE/IGCSE/O Levels/A Levels): Send Admissions your official final results. These can be sent by the testing agency or as a certified copy from your school. We understand that the official results for these exams are typically not available until August. Please send everything else available in the interim. You may send your statement of results to use for your high school completion; however, you will need to follow up by sending your official results to receive credit for your A levels. We cannot award credit using the statement of results.
  • International Baccalaureate: If you’re a student at an IB school, you need to send us your transcripts so we can verify term grades. If you are at an international school, you may also need to include your IB Diploma Certificate to verify a date of school completion. IB exam results should also be sent to Measurement & Evaluation for credit on campus.
  • Indian Standard X and XII Exams: You should have your school send us a certified copy of your official results.
  • Transcripts without graduation dates: Some international schools do not include graduation dates on the final high school transcript. In this case, please include your graduation certificate with your final transcript.
  • Translations: Records not issued in English must be accompanied by an English translation that is certified by an appropriate school official, official translator, or U.S. embassy or consulate official.

If you have already submitted what we need, you can confirm that we’ve received the documents by checking your old pal, the admitted student checklist. Note that it often takes at least several business days for our office to receive transcripts after they’ve been requested and several additional business days once the documents are received for them to be matched to your file and reviewed. It is only after this process that your transcripts will show up as completed on your admitted student checklist.

2017 Freshman Admitted Student Checklist

Questions? Please feel free to ask here or contact our office!



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  • I am International Student from India. Do I need to send in transcripts from grade 9 to 12 or only the certified copies of Indian Standard X and XII Exams? Also how and where do I ask my school to send the same?

  • Hello Rutvik! Yes, as long as you attend a school that follows the Indian school system, your school only needs to send your results for Standard X and Standard XII. They can send certified copies of your official results to our office at:

    Office of Undergraduate Admissions
    901 West Illinois Street
    Urbana, IL 61801