Things to do around C-U: Adventure #2

These past few weekends, I’ve ventured over to what some might say is an unlikely source of entertainment: the museum.

Spurlock, located on Gregory Street in Urbana, is kind of the museum on campus, and it’s quite impressive with its 50,000 artifacts. However, even if you’re not one to quietly walk through the exhibits, observing and absorbing the world’s history, never fear. There are events every Sunday from 1 to 3:30 p.m. that provide a more hands-on experience.

Spurlock Sundays, as I’ve started to think of them, host a number of different activities catered to all ages. There are three series: Sunday Splash, Spurlock Time Machine, and Cultural Celebrations.

So far I’ve sampled two of these events. The first time, my friend and I didn’t really know what we were doing and ended up in an Astronomy presentation about the impending solar eclipse (IT’S HAPPENING ON AUGUST 21, EVERYONE!). It was actually a very informative and exciting experience. We plan to be in Champaign or further south—where the eclipse will enter totality—to go see it.

During the presentation, we also created pinhole viewers (shown below) to be able to safely view the eclipse.

Pinhole viewer

The second time around was Spurlock Time Machine: Ancient Egypt. I don’t know about everyone else, but when the description of the event said that I could be “mummified,” I quickly rallied my friends to go. It turned out that the mummification was actually more of a “lay on the table while we pretend to mummify you for a presentation,” type of activity, but still, it was fun to lay down for awhile.

Me during the “mummification” process

Bringing a group of friends was the best idea for this event. More than being able to participate in the activities, it was a really good way to get everyone together on a weekend.

During the summer, the hours kind of pass by quietly and quickly. If you have work, you do that for most of the day. Then you go home, make dinner, prepare lunch for the next day, clean, watch some TV, and before you know it, it’s time for bed. There’s a lot less time than you think you’ll have, and you can easily go a week without seeing your friends around campus.

It’s important to find this time in between the daily things to remember that it’s summer, and even with work and other time commitments, the weather and friends are too amazing to let slip by.

I invite you to make a plan and ask your friends to go with you. Put it in your calendar or on your phone, set a physical date and time to get together, and make life about those moments and experiences that make you happy.



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