Freshman Application FAQs

Do you have questions about submitting your application to Illinois? Perfect! I’m here to address all of your concerns. Let’s start with the basics.

How do I apply?

There are two ways to apply to Illinois: myIllini and Coalition applications. myIllini is a tremendous resource for students to utilize because it allows you to connect with your specific admissions counselor, schedule a visit to campus, and submit your application. Check out Sammy’s blog about the myIllini account here.

You can also submit your application through Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success, commonly referred to as Coalition. Coalition allows students to access online tools for free to simplify the application process to a handful of public and private universities.

When is the deadline?

The application opens on August 30, and it will close on December 1. BUT, there is an Early Action deadline of November 1. The Early Action period is non-binding; it simply gives you the best chance for admission, especially for our more competitive programs. Additionally, students who apply by the Early Action period also have priority consideration for merit-based scholarships and honors programs, so there’s no downside of applying Early Action.

What is a second choice major? Does it affect my first choice major?

When you apply to Illinois, you will apply directly into the major you want to study, but with that, you will be given the opportunity to list a second choice major. Listing a second choice major will only benefit your application for admission. We will ONLY look at your second choice major if you’re not admitted to your first choice major. If you’re not admitted to your second choice major, we will look at you for all avenues of admission, which could be a similar program to the two that you listed. However, if you only list one major on the application, we will only review you for that program of study.

What do you need to be considered for honors or merit-scholarships?

Nothing! With your complete application to Illinois, we will automatically review you for all honors programs and merit-based scholarships to which you are eligible.

How do you review an application?

This is one of the more common questions students ask because we use a very holistic process to review applications.  Simply put, we review your grades/course rigor, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, and the essay. Our website does an excellent job at breaking down the review process, and it offers great information on what specific colleges are looking for in their applicants.

I hope this answers at least some of your questions. Feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any other questions!

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