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It has been two weeks since the first day of our new semester, but I am still in “vacation mode.” People asked, “what kind of fun can you get anyway?” Well, it is true that we are kind of in the middle of nowhere, but luckily, we are located in two quite diverse and romantic cities—Urbana and Champaign—both of which offer various festivals, especially in August. My friend and I had a lot of fun attending those events, and I am really excited to share my experience with you.


8.18-8.19 Taste of Champaign 2017


This was an event that could make people FAT, because there were SOOO many things to eat/drink. To me, the nicest thing was that most food vendors provided tastes, which are smaller in size but are not less delicious. Also, there were local bands playing high-quality music (usually original songs!) through the event, and we definitely enjoyed it. We went there for both days and tried every single food vendor and food truck. Since there are so many options, I even took notes at night ranking the vendors I really want to try.


8.21 Solar Eclipse Viewing Party at Champaign Public Library


I did not know there was a solar eclipse coming until the 17th of August. At that time, it was pretty hard to get a pair of eclipse glasses delivered on time. So I searched online and found that our Champaign Public Library was giving 100 pairs for free every morning until the 21st. So, on the next day, my friend and I got up early and got ours. Although we did not attend the viewing party, I have heard it was a lot of fun with eclipse related events, such as games and crafts.


8.25-8.26 Urbana Sweetcorn Festival


This is a signature summer event of Urbana, and I couldn’t believe that I have never been there until my senior year. There was live music, local businesses and vendors. I had a lot of foods, and they were great. I got a turkey leg which was longer than my forearm, and I have to say I tried my best to finish it.


8.28 Japan House summer Matsuri


I guess it would be my biggest miss that I did not go to Matsuri this summer. Words from my friends: “It was such a great event to experience traditional Japanese culture. The performances and displays were wonderful, and the food and drink were so great that I just did not want to leave.” 2018 would be Japan House’s 20th anniversary celebration, and I believe it would be even much higher than our expectations. I wish I would meet you there next year!


Photo Taken By @齐雨长弓

Photo Taken By @齐雨长弓


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