I Love the Illini Union

This year, I have discovered a really great place on campus: the Illini Union. Now, I am not saying that I have never been there in my first four semesters. I am saying that only now am I finding out how much I love it.

Let’s start off with its great location. Located directly at the end of the Main Quad, the Union has a beautiful view of the Main Quad and the amazing Foellinger Auditorium at the opposite end. Because of this awesome location, you could say that the Union is practically the HQ of campus.

Inside of this beautiful building, there is plenty of room on the first floor to study and do homework. With several rooms of couches, tables, and great lighting, the first floor is a great place to even meet up with people for group projects. If you ever get hungry because of the studying and need a snack, there is a Jamba Juice and Auntie Anne’s located on the first floor.

Speaking of food, the basement of the Union is basically a really cozy food court. There are several major fast food chains downstairs including Wendy’s and Sbarro. This has become a favorite place of mine to go for lunch on many days.

The basement is also a lot of fun too. There is a bowling alley, arcade room, and several TVs. The upper floors of the Union are pretty great as well. There are many meeting rooms and even hotel rooms located on the upper floors.

The Illini Union is a great place on campus because it has a little bit of everything. If you need to study, choose the Union. If you want to eat, choose the Union. If you want to just have fun, choose the Union. Even though I already love this place, I’m sure there are plenty of other great things that I will discover about the Union in the future.



Class of 2019
I’m an Advertising student within the College of Media. My hometown is a place called Fairmount, Illinois, which is about 30 minutes from campus. I began my Illinois journey in the Division of General Studies.