The Ellnora Guitar Festival at Krannert Center

As a student at Illinois, we are fortunate to have such amazing resources on campus. On top of the resources that can help us in the classroom, we also are extremely lucky to have accesses to a beautiful performing arts center called the Krannert Center of Performing Arts.

The Krannert Center houses many theatres and auditoriums and it serves as an amazing venue for students and the larger Champaign-Urbana community. It’s basically a second home for the Theatre majors on campus.

The exterior of The Krannert Center. 

A cool thing about the Krannert Center is every year they host tons of plays and musicians from all over the world and last night was no different. The Krannert Center hosted The Ellnora Guitar Festival: a three-day music festival with some of the world’s best guitarists. They had an awesome line-up of musicians that you may have heard of, such as Jeff Tweedy, who actually founded the popular rock band Wilco.

As students, we get discount tickets to every single Krannert Center event which makes seeing live music and performances much more affordable. At this year’s festival, I saw folk-rock band, Shovels & Rope. The band was a married couple from Charleston, South Carolina that just rocked the house. Looking around, everyone’s feet were tapping and heads including mine were bopping.

Shovels and Rope

The whole experience made me so thankful to have such an amazing venue and resource right on campus. As students, we don’t often realize the resources and fun things this campus has to offer because of our daily routine of going to class and the library. But I urge everyone when they’re here at Illinois to try to take advantage of what the campus has to offer because this will be one of the only times your location will offer things for you at such a steep discount that you can enjoy.


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