End of September?

I really cannot believe that it’s getting to be the end of September! I’ve been on campus for around a month so far (this school year), and time is sure flying by!

By now, all but one of my normally scheduled activities are in full swing, and I am really enjoying all of the things that I get to do, including my classes! Maybe that’s how the month is managing to sneak by…

Anyway, I guess what I mean is that I am glad that I can have so many fun things to do, and I feel really lucky that I am still having the opportunity to try new things.  My freshman year, I definitely did not have all of these things going on, and if you don’t that is perfectly okay.  It is great to be able to give yourself time to find your stride here on campus and keep going with what you like. I am definitely looking forward to continuing to figure things out throughout the rest of the semester and year!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  Enjoy the sunny weather!



Class of 2018
I'm from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'm majoring in Communication in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.