Admitted Transfer Students: Spring 2018 Next Steps

Congratulations on your admission to Illinois! We are very excited that you will be joining our campus this spring. Before you begin packing your bags, I want to provide you some information on the next steps you will need to take to complete the transfer process and successfully begin your journey as an Illini.

  1. Accept your offer.
    You can accept your offer through your myIllini account. There is a $150 enrollment fee that is required at the time of acceptance. Once you accept your offer, you will have access to all of the items on your Admitted Student Checklist.
  2. Complete your Admitted Student Checklist.
    This checklist is located on your myIllini account, and it will allow you to preview and manage the next steps to enrollment. You will be able to claim your NetID, figure out how to register for classes, decide on tuition and billing payment options, and learn about what documents you need to submit. Depending upon your transferable coursework, you may also need to complete placement tests.
  3. Learn what will transfer.
    Included on your myIllini account is your Transfer Evaluation Report. Through this report, you can find how many transfer credit hours you have, how your courses will transfer to Illinois, and your current GPA. You can use our sample as a guide to understand how to read the report.
  4. Decide on a housing option.
    As a transfer student, you may have the option to live in off-campus housing. If you have more than 30 credits hours or have lived in university housing at another institution for one year, you may be able to live in off-campus housing.  If you want to live on campus, you can choose from University Housing or Private Certified Housing. If you would prefer to live off campus, the Tenant Union can assist you with your apartment search. You should consult with the Housing Information Office before signing a lease to ensure you meet the requirements to live off campus.
  5. Successfully complete your classes at your current institution.
    It is a condition of your admission that you maintain your grades for your final semester before transferring. You can start preparing for Illinois, but don’t lose sight of the classes you are in now!
  6. Send your final fall transcripts to Illinois.
    We will need your grades from this fall, so make a mental note or mark it on your calendar to have your current institution send them once you have finished this semester.

Okay, now you can begin packing!



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