Week 5 Check In

Well, it’s week five of the semester. I just finished my first exam in my marketing class and I feel great about what the results will be. I started this semester thinking that my fifth semester would be my most difficult. Most people told me that historically, this semester is challenging for everyone due to increasingly difficult coursework. I found this view to be somewhat inaccurate for myself. While the coursework is more complicated, I feel that as a student, I am extremely prepared for the deeper understanding of my major that each of my current classes requires. I realize that it’s only week five, but so far, I am in the zone when it comes to coursework.

Another aspect that I am enjoying about this semester is commuting from home. This year, my drive with my freshman sister to and from home has been extraordinarily convenient thus far. While living on campus has it advantages for sure, I love the niceties of home. I understand that each person has their own environment in which they can thrive, and I believe that living at home has allowed me to find deeper success so far.

Beside the commute and coursework, I am getting enough sleep and eating well. Those are two undervalued aspects of a great college experience and I am very thankful that both are being taken care of. I am definitely excited to see what the weeks ahead bring for my semester. Each week is a new adventure and I hope that new and amazing things keep happening every day.


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