Residence Hall Life Versus Apartment Life

When you are a Freshman in college, all you want is to live in an apartment. Once you live in an apartment, all you want are free meals and dorm necessities. There are definitely pros and cons to both dorm and apartment living. So, before you sign your lease for next Fall, let’s talk about it.

  1. Meals in the Residence Halls
    Cooking your own dinner is the best way to feel like you are adulting. But believe me, paying for groceries, taking the time to prepare the meal, and having to do dishes after gets old. In the residence halls, your meals are paid for in advance, prepared for you, and your dishes magically do themselves. This is definitely one of the biggest pros to residence hall life. On the other hand, cooking your own meals allows for much healthier options.
  2. Amenities
    Residence halls have the best amenities: pool tables, dining halls, security, gyms, music rooms, etc. Many apartments do not. And if they do, you will certainly pay the price. Included amenities can tack on large sums to any rent payment. And on top of rent, you will likely have to pay for your water and electricity, too.
  3. Independence, or a lack thereof

    Granted, there is something to be said about apartment living. It really does force you to grow up and fend for yourself. Plus, you won’t have an RA telling you to quiet down (though your neighbors might). Moving from a residence hall to an apartment taught me how to manage my time and money, which really pushed me toward adulthood.

When push comes to shove, deciding whether to live in a residence hall or an apartment is a decision only you can make. Price wise, they come out to a close total. As you can see, there are pros and cons to both residence hall style and apartment living. So, which will you choose?


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