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ECE Seminar

As an undergraduate for our ECE program, I have been to many ECE seminars called ECE Explorations, which are designed for everyone to know more about recent research progresses and new technologies in various areas. The speakers are all great, and sometimes could be super popular. For example, they invited Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huan, and if you happened to be in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Building on that afternoon, you would see such a long line waiting to meet him. The best part is, we are not only treated by trending knowledge, but also get free pizza at the end. During the lunar new year, we can even get authentic Chinese food after the talk, and it is definitely one with the highest attendance rate. Events usually happen on Wednesdays from 5 to 7 p.m., so mark your calendar and get hungry for science!

NCSA Seminar

Two weeks ago, I heard about this talk by Dr. Wendy Chun about Proxy Politics. I was quite interested in it since there are many topics I have had research experience on such as facial recognitions and social networks. The talk was pretty awesome, and Dr. Chun gave audiences a totally different way to look at social media, and how the past can change the future. In order to get more information about those high-quality talks, we can just simply check NCSA’s calendar for events.

Savvy Researcher Workshops

Recently, a Ph.D student in my research group recommended this series of workshops for us. It involves a lot of useful topics such as data management, preparation for a poster session, version control … Most workshops are proved a couple times on different dates, so the time is flexible and the cost is free. I am thinking about going to the workshop called “An introduction to Prezi” because I have tired of PowerPoints and would love to try something new. For more information about them, please click the following link from our university library.



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