Large Lecture Hall Survival

One of the scariest things about a large university, and by far the area parents are most concerned with, is class size. Will my daughter be in a class of 20 or 200? Will the professor know her by name?

The truth is that all colleges and universities have a balance of large lecture and small discussion classes, and the real challenge is in how you apply yourself. College is all about becoming a self-advocate: if you want your professor to know your name, sit in the front and engage in the material. Unlike high school, it is on the students to make connections.

That being said, there are a few tricks that can help you focus in a large lecture your first year in college. First, sit in the front rows. Not being able to see the large sum of students behind you will make your class seem smaller, even if it’s not. Second, ask questions if you have them. Lectures are not all for lecturing, and nearly all professors would be happy to answer your questions. Third, take notes on paper, not on a computer. Science has proven that writing material by hand ingrains information into your brain.

All students will have to face a large lecture class at one point or another. It all boils down to study habits and self-advocacy.


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