All-Star Guest Speakers

Every day, my classes are inspiring and very helpful in my path toward a career in advertising. Sometimes though, I am especially inspired. Earlier this week, one of the core advertising classes that I am taking this semester happened to have a very awesome guest from the famous Ad Agency, Leo Burnett. My professor was able to get a very experienced member of Leo Burnett to come down to Champaign-Urbana and speak with us directly about his experiences in advertising research. After class, I even had the opportunity to thank him for coming and talk with him for a bit. It was a really cool experience that I know Illinois is fantastic for offering.

I thought back about all the times that I had heard from amazing guest speakers over my last five semesters. Many of these speakers have impacted my career path and the way that I look at education and its ability to help me achieve my goals. Our professors at Illinois welcome guests who have crucial experience in their field and the ability to convey why their work is so important. I am happy to say that these speakers have shown me what Illinois does that’s so special: inspire students to explore their interests and give them the tools to succeed.

Throughout the rest of my time at Illinois I look forward to hearing from more amazing speakers who can offer tremendous insight on what works in the advertising industry. I am proud to attend a university that has the weight and stature to bring these professionals to our classrooms. College isn’t just a place for textbooks and exams, it is a place to feel inspired. I always have no doubt that Illinois understands and delivers on that promise.


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