I Wore Orange and Blue to Class for a Week

At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, it is well known that our school colors are orange and blue. You really can’t walk anywhere on campus without the two vibrant colors popping up.

When I first moved onto campus, I didn’t own much orange and blue. I had one shirt, but besides that, my closet seemed to be filled with every other color except orange and blue!

Now that the midpoint of my first semester has passed, I am proud to say that I DO own some more orange and blue! I’ve found myself having more and more school spirit every day. This past week, I decided to put myself to a little school spirit challenge. I wore orange or blue (or both!) to class every day.

While doing this project, I took all the pictures by myself in the same bathroom (you’ll notice) before my first class of each day. I did this instead of asking friends to take my picture so I could see if by the end of the week anyone could catch on to my little school spirit self-challenge and comment on my outfits.

Here’s what I put together!


On Monday, I went pretty simple and wore my School of Music shirt. I got this shirt at the School of Music new-student welcome I attended within my first few days on campus, and it has quickly become one of my favorites since I am a music education (instrumental, K-12) major.


The next day I wore my “ILLINI Make History” (Homecoming 2017) shirt, which I actually picked up the day before. As a freshman, I wanted some way to remember my first college homecoming. A t-shirt is always the answer.


Wednesday rolled around, and it was very cold outside. In order to keep myself a little warmer while I wasn’t wearing my heavy coat, I paired a super cute Illinois sleeved shirt with a plain black vest. I love the I’s and the states all over it. (Also, check out my orange and blue bead bracelet!)


On Thursday, Marching Illini usually has a late night rehearsal that we have to wear Marching Illini merchandise to. While this Thursday night I did not have to, I still chose to wear my Marching Illini sweatpants, jacket, and orange shirt.


And my last day, Friday! I returned back to my subtle Illinois spirit by wearing a grey Illinois shirt.


So, did anyone notice I was wearing more Illinois clothes than normal? Actually, YES! By Thursday, a TA said, “You know, you wear orange and blue a lot,” and a friend said, “You’ve been wearing a lot of Illinois stuff this week!”

It was fun to share some Illinois pride, and I felt accomplished, because even after this week, I still had more clean Illinois gear left in my closet.


If you’re a hopeful future Illinois student (or attend already!) I challenge YOU to wear orange and blue for a week! It’s actually fun (and makes picking out an outfit in the morning super easy).


Thank you for reading! See you next time, and I-L-L!




Class of 2021
My major is Instrumental Music Education within the College of Fine and Applied Arts. I'm also part of the Marching Illini! Before moving to Urbana, I lived in Collinsville, Illinois, where we are known for some killer Italian food and the World’s Largest Catsup Bottle.