Free T-Shirts

One thing to expect when attending the University of Illinois is a new wardrobe. Besides all of the heavy jackets and sweatshirts you’ll be buying for winters in Champaign-Urbana, you will also be obtaining a new lineup of free t-shirts distributed at different experiences on campus. Just this past week, I was walking on the Main Quad and was asked to add my name to an email list for apartments and receive a free t-shirt. Of course, I couldn’t pass up a free t-shirt so I gladly put my email on the card and was handed a new piece for my wardrobe.

My experience earlier this week was not at all unique. I remember the first weekend of freshman year going to each of the Welcome Days activities and receiving free t-shirts at almost every place. I go to Illini sports events and I get a free shirt. I take a walk on the quad and get a free shirt. I was an RA last year and have evidence of it because of free shirts. A new restaurant opens, I get a free shirt.  I fill out surveys and of course, you guessed it, I get a free shirt.

Now, this is pretty awesome because when I walk into my closet, I see a ton of different representations of my time in college. I remember all the sports, walks on the Quad, and times at my old residence hall. These free t-Shirts are more than just marketing for an organization, they are memorabilia. They are a part of what makes college such an interesting time in your life. After all of the homework and extracurriculars of each week, being offered a free t-shirt is a very welcoming prospect. With each new t-shirt I obtain, I have a physical reminder of what was going on at that specific time.

The makers and distributers of these free t-shirts should be proud of the gifts that they constantly bestow upon us as students at Illinois. Their t-shirts make our campus a much brighter and more welcoming place. Not to mention, these t-shirts are great representations of each of the things that they have labeled on them. At the end of my four years, I hope to have obtained many more t-shirts. After its all said and done, my clothes hangers will be hung with memories.


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