Kicking it at Krannert

Two weeks ago, I found out that the Chicago Symphony Orchestra was coming to the University of Illinois on Oct 28. I never heard this orchestra before and thought to myself that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. When I looked online to find tickets, they were all sold out. However, there was a section on the Krannert website that said students can request to get “hot seats”, which are basically tickets that people returned. I called Krannert and they told me to show up at ten on Friday morning. I showed up thirty minutes earlier and got in line. I was the second person in line and was able to score tickets for me and my friends.

The next day we went to the performance and realized that our last minute ticket purchase put us in the fourth row of the center section. We were right under the violin section and were able to see the conductor in action up close. It was a phenomenal experience, and an opportunity that does not come often. Only because I was a student at the University of Illinois was this possible. Tickets to see the Chicago Symphony Orchestra are not cheap. However, because of my status as a student I was able to see this performance for $10.


The University of Illinois offers opportunities to students that can’t be found at other institutions. Krannert is the performing arts center at the University of Illinois where numerous performances take place annually. I have been fortunate enough to attend some of these performances. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra was one of my favorite experiences here. Some other events that takes place at the Krannert are the Black Chorus concerts.  On Moms weekend my mother comes down and we go to the Moms Day Black Chorus Concert. The Black Chorus,  led by Dr. Ollie Watts Davis, is another must see for anyone associated with the university. This is also another performance that is available to students for $10.

Being a student at the University of Illinois has opened up doors for me to do things that I never thought I would do. I have been able to attend conferences, meet important people, get internships, attend special events, etc. If I was not a student at UIUC, many of these opportunities would still be dreams. However, because I am a student here and was able to participate in these different opportunities, my overall academic experience has been rich. I am looking forward to further the richness of my academic experience at this university.



Class of 2019
I am majoring in Agricultural and Consumer Economics within the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences. I am from the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I chose the University of Illinois because of everything it can offer its students.