It’s Testing Time

Hello juniors,

Not sure if you noticed it or not, but the seniors will be gone soon.  That means that your high school…belongs to you now.

That also means you should be preparing yourself for the college application process.  I know it can be a little scary.

We here at the University of Illinois will work to make the process a little less intimidating by giving you some pointers to help you out.  This blog will help you navigate test scores.

Here are some important things to note as you plan the next year:

Illinois accepts both the ACT and SAT, so feel free to submit either or both (ACT code 1154 or SAT code 1836).  Test scores must come directly from the testing agency. Note, it takes about three weeks for test scores to arrive and be processed, so be sure to request scores be sent by early October if you’d like to meet the Early Action deadline.

Side note: once awarded Early Action status, you will maintain that status even if you submit additional test scores after the Early Action deadline. However, if you do not send any test scores until after the deadline, you not be considered for the Early Action Filing Period.

While we do not superscore, it is in your best interest to send all of your test scores. We will look at the highest composite and highest sub-scores regardless of the test date. For example, if you apply to the College of Engineering, the review committee will be focusing on your math and science. Therefore, a higher math sub-score accompanied by a lower composite score may make your application more competitive.

It is also important to note that if you have an English sub-score of 32 or higher on file for the ACT or an Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) sub-score of 690 on file for the SAT, credit will be given for RHET 105 (Composition I) when you enroll. If you do not send this score, it may result in duplicating credit that you have already earned.

Keep in mind that we do not require the ACT writing section, SAT Subject Exams (SAT IIs), or Advanced Placement (AP) scores for admission. If admitted, you will need to have your AP scores sent to Illinois to receive credit.  You can see how we are currently accepting AP credit here.

It is easy to monitor your application via your myIllini account. You will be able to check whether we have received your application fee or fee waiver, test scores, and if your application is complete. Please allow at least 10 business days for processing time after you have sent scores. If it has been awhile since you sent your test scores and your myIllini account is saying that we do not have them yet, it is best to contact the testing agency first.  Confirm that your test results were sent to the correct institution; your name was spelled correctly, and date of birth matches what you have listed on your application. If you find out that any of these do not match what we have here at Illinois, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Side note: We do not subscribe to the Rush service delivery method. Test scores will not arrive any sooner if you select this option, so please do not request that your test scores be sent this way.

The key here is being proactive. If you are interested in applying to Illinois, list us as one of the schools to send your scores to when you take the test (ACT code 1154 or SAT code 1836). This will help you avoid any headaches.

If you find yourself needing any help, feel free to reach out.

Good luck as you prepare for your exams!



Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions
I graduated from the University of Illinois (LAS ’02) and had the honor to play football for the Orange and Blue. I received my masters degree in Public Administration from the University of Illinois Springfield.