Cramming For Finals?

With a large coffee in hand, she headed to the library where she would stay for hours.

Sound familiar?

High schoolers and college students have one big thing in common: final exams.

Finals are basically a teacher’s way of testing you on all of the material you covered in a given semester. They usually account for 20% of your grade, and take hours of studying to prepare for.

One of the most difficult issues when facing a final is not knowing how to study, or not having the resources to study effectively. Effective studying includes exercise, naps, brain breaks, and focus.

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So if you feel like you are cramming for final exams, here are a few resources to make your studying easier!

  1. Test your memory with a quizlet.
  2. Refresh your memory with SparkNotes.
  3. Find your best study method with How To Study.
  4. Use practice problems with The Math Forum.
  5. Look up words of phrases you don’t understand with




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