Working on Campus Your Freshman Year Pt.2

This past weekend, I attended my company’s annual Christmas party, and boy was it a blast! It really got me thinking about how thankful I am to work with such a wonderful company, and how different my college experience would be without my job.

Photo Credit: Sweet Lemonade Photography

Back in September, I wrote¬†about working on campus during your freshman year, and mainly focused on how to prepare for the job application process. But now, I’d like to talk about why I work as much as I do (and it’s really not only for the money).

Yes, having the money to treat myself to as many BrewLab lattes as I want is great, but it’s really not the best part of my job. The best things about my job are the friendships I have made with my co-workers, and the connections I will carry with me into my professional career after college. You see, a college education is very important, but having experience in any job field is by far the best advantage you can give yourself for the real world.

Photo Credit: Sweet Lemonade Photography

That being said, no freshman should be afraid to work. Finding jobs on campus that have flexible hours IS possible, and finding a job in a field that truly interests you makes work not feel like a job, but rather an experience. Get your applications out early, and market yourself well. Dress to impress, and step outside of your comfort zone. Believe me, it will pay off!


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