Reading Day at KCPA!

One big difference between high school and college is the structure of classes. The last day of instructional time will be this Wednesday, and final exams will be held beginning on Friday and going through next week. While it can be daunting to be tasked with long papers, cumulative tests, and other intense projects all happening seemingly at once, especially as a new student, the university does its best to help us out by holding Reading Day, upon which neither classes nor exams are scheduled, so that everyone has a whole free day to study/rest/recover/do whatever they need to do.

Krannert Center for the Performing Arts is hosting special activities this Reading Day to help support hard-working students! Krannert Center puts on a full season of spectacular performances by both professional guest artists and College of Fine and Applied Arts departments throughout the year, and its doors are always open to visitors. On Reading Day, its usual wide array of seating in the lobby area will be enhanced by electronics charging stations and resources from residence hall libraries. Krannert’s cafe, Intermezzo, will be open with coffee, meals, and more for sale; Krannert Center Ambassadors will be raffling prizes as well.

Most excitingly, a local yoga instructor, the incredible Kristina Reese, will be offering a free all-level yoga class for students (as well as faculty and staff) on the Foellinger Great Hall stage. In addition to being a healthy mental and physical break from the stress of finals, it’s an exciting opportunity to see Krannert Center from a performer’s point of view. I’m looking forward to having a free exercise class to break up my usual routine, and I’m so glad that Krannert Center is bringing together people from all across the campus community, not solely arts students, for Reading Day. I find it always fun to try new things and meet different people, especially when we’re all facing the same busy period of final exams and projects at the end of the semester!

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by Nissa Heman, sophomore in sociology and political science

Advertising and Publicity Assistant, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

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