Bring Notebook Paper to Class!

In college classes, you will be one of three people: the person who takes notes on paper, the person who takes notes on a computer, or the person who doesn’t take notes at all. While each of these people have their logical reasons for how they decide to handle note taking, it is extremely important that you bring paper of some sort to class with you. You may need it for in-class activities, or you may suddenly need to jot down something down quickly.

I give this advice as someone who didn’t have any notebook paper with me recently. There was an in-class activity that required paper, and I had to use whatever I could find in my backpack. Fortunately, I had a copy of my resume inside my backpack and I wrote on the back of it. Imagine my embarrassment when I handed my resume over to the TA at the end of the activity! It wasn’t an ideal solution, but it was all I had at the moment.

After that incident, I decided to start keeping some notebook paper in my backpack. I will now be ready for any situation like that in the future. College is filled with plenty of times that you’ll need extra tools and materials. Calculators, paper, pens, and pencils, are basic school supplies that you would not expect to need very often in college. In order to be fully prepared, make some space and throw these essentials into your backpack. For now, start with bringing some notebook paper to class!


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