How I Became a DJ

“If not now, then when?” That is my motto for the rest of college. In between my classes and group projects, I’ve been taking time to think about all of the things I want to try before I leave this place. Then, I go do them.

Over winter break, I came across an application to become a DJ for Pizza FM, a free-form, noncommercial college radio station broadcasted from Allen Hall, one of the residence halls on campus. I’ve always loved sharing my music recommendations with friends, and the idea of having my very own show sounded really exciting. I decided to submit a sample playlist and give it a go. Within a week, I had all of the tools and training I needed to host my very first show. It was scheduled during the Super Bowl, so I doubt I had many active listeners that day. Nonetheless, I loved talking about my favorite tunes and playing them for complete strangers.

Pizza FM is yet another example of how Illinois has given me the opportunity to pursue my interests in the least expected ways. I’d encourage all of you to give more thought to what truly gets you excited every day. Those passions are represented in a such a wide variety of ways across campus—even if it’s something as simple as listening to music.

Also, check out my show called With a Side of Sauce if you feel like it! Let me know if my actual voice matches my blog post voice. You can listen live on the Pizza FM website on Sundays at 5:00 p.m. CST.


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