James Scholar Credit: EPSY 200

In the College of Education, James Scholars are required to complete a research project each semester. Two semesters of traditional research are required in which students choose from courses and ongoing research projects. After completing two semesters of research, James Scholars have many options to maintain James Scholar status. Students can choose from leadership, social justice, or professional development categories.

My freshman year, I took two research courses: EDUC 102 and CI 199. Both courses fulfilled my research requirements and allowed me to explore topics I was truly interested in, such as teacher burnout and gender expectations in the classroom.

Photo by Rachel Hernandez

Both semesters of my sophomore year, I took EPSY 200 with professor David Zola.  Believe it or not, students love professor Zola’s course so much that they wake up on Saturday mornings to join him for coffee and class (don’t worry, it is only one Saturday each month).

EPSY 200 gives James Scholars the opportunity to discuss and explore educational issues that are not only relevant, but overlooked. Students also work with past and current research to aid in teaching methods. EPSY 200 gives me the creative space I need to discuss education without the pressure of judgement.

Photo by Rachel Hernandez

The best part about EPSY 200 is that it is open to James Scholars from any college at the University of Illinois. This semester, we even had an engineer in our course!

EPSY 200 can be taken as many times as students wish for College of Education James Scholar credit.

Photo by Rachel Hernandez

I highly recommend that any James Scholar enroll in EPSY 200. It has become a class that I look forward to and learn from.

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