Welcome Week “Truly a week to remember”

Welcome week is a great time for newly admitted freshmen and transfers to become better acquainted with Campus Town and the many opportunities that are available for students at Illinois. It’s also a great time to meet your fellow classmates and build comradery. There are a great range of activities including: welcome ceremonies, various orientations, movie nights, Campus Recreation activities, poster sales and Quad Day (my personal favorite). In addition, many campus based restaurants will offer food specials for the week and even coupons for future weeks. You may view the Welcome Week line up by using both of the links provided below.

The festivities begin as early as Monday, August 20th and will conclude on Sunday, August 26th. Welcome Week will begin at an earlier date (Monday, August 20th) for our international student community. International Students are asked to arrive for move-in on Sunday, August 19th. There will be special programming offered August 20th through Wednesday, August 22nd, to assist in a smooth transition for new international students. Domestic students are asked to arrive by Thursday, August 23rd for move-in and Welcome Week begins on Thursday, August 23rd for domestic students as well.

Illinois Class of 2022, I urge you to take full advantage of Welcome Week as it’s a time for you to build new relationships and develop an understanding of what campus has to offer in general. For me, Welcome Week was one of my most memorable Illinois moments. I was easily able to meet and grow my network during this time. If I had the option of reliving my years as an undergraduate at Illinois, I would certainly take it and many fellow alumni would likely join me as well. Since I cannot relive my Illinois years, please know that I will be living vicariously through y’all this year!

Lastly, have a fun, be safe and ensure that you have a productive year. Feel free to drop some questions, comments or concerns below and I’ll be sure to address those!





Admissions Counselor
I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago and graduated from Kenwood Academy High School. I hold a bachelor’s degree from Illinois in Urban Planning. I work in the Chicago Satellite Office, where I assist and recruit students who are interested in attending Illinois.

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