Summer Registration Is Only The Beginning

For everyone who is registering for classes to take this fall for their first semester, summer registration is only the beginning of what will be four years of adventure. Just like any great adventure should be, don’t be afraid to take chances and gain experiences that build you as a person. When scheduling that first round of classes at summer registration, don’t be afraid to take a class that interests you, but has nothing to do with your major. Try a local restaurant in the Champaign-Urbana area.  Take a walk to a part of campus that you know nothing about. And, keep both eyes open to what might make you a better student in the fall.

These explorations will give you the building blocks for leaving your comfort zone and succeeding in new, exciting areas. At college registration, you will have the opportunity to seek guidance from your new academic counselor and gain knowledge from their real-world experience. Tell your counselor about interests you have, where you want to excel, and what you want to improve upon during your time in college. Your advisor is listening and can be a valuable resource for taking your adventures to the next level.

In the fall, your sturdy foundation in exploration will aid your journey into new friendships, classes, and life experiences. This exercise in exploration will greatly benefit your experience when you step onto the quad for “Quad Day” in the fall. There, you will see thousands of people, dozens of clubs to join, and an abundance of opportunity. Instead of this overflow of opportunity being frightening, you can rest easy in the idea that each new and large situation is an opportunity to build toward your goals.

Speaking of goals, set some starting at summer registration. What you expect is what you get most of the time. If there is something you want to accomplish through your college years, set your sights on it. The clarity of seeing what you want and how it will benefit you will encourage a whole new adventure.

Everything that you want to experience is right in front of you at summer registration. These next four years are sure to have ups and downs, but your perspective will provide a constant through the adventure. Hold on tight, because you are now an Illini.




Class of 2019
I’m an Advertising student within the College of Media. My hometown is a place called Fairmount, Illinois, which is about 30 minutes from campus. I began my Illinois journey in the Division of General Studies.