Introducing Self-Reported Test Scores!!!


Self-Reported Test Scores!

‘Tis the season! I’m here to share an exciting update to the Illinois freshman application…self-reported test scores!! For years, we’ve had students self-report their high school grades and courses, and now we’re adding test scores to the mix. By introducing self-reported test scores, our applicants will save tons of money and still allow us to make prompt admissions decision. I can’t say it enough, make sure you know our dates and deadlines.

Ok but back to self-reported test scores…here are the top five things to know!

  1. If you know you’re applying to Illinois…you should still send your official scores to us when you take the ACT or SAT. Why?! Because it’s free! If you are admitted and decide to enroll at Illinois, you’ll have to send your official scores eventually. So why not do it early and for free?
  2. You are able to enter your highest scores in each subject area and highest total score for the ACT and SAT, even if you earned those scores on different tests. Here’s an example with the SAT: An applicant, we’ll call her Kaci ;), took the SAT twice. She earned the following scores:
    • April test: EBRW- 620, Math- 700, Total- 1320
    • June test: EBRW- 640, Math- 660, Total- 1300
    • When Kaci is applying for admission to Illinois, she would list her highest EBRW score as 640, Math as 700, and Total as 1320. You should not re-calculate a total score as a super-score.
  3. We do not have a preference whether you submit ACT or SAT scores, but we require one test score to complete your application. You may submit your highest scores for ACT and SAT, if you wish.
  4. Like self-reported grades, we will verify everything you put in your application is correct once you have been admitted and choose to enroll at Illinois. You’ll send us your official scores and high school transcript at the end of your senior year.
  5. We do not use SAT subject tests or the essay/writing portion of the SAT/ACT. However, you do need to take the writing portion of the ACT if you’re applying to a teaching licensure program.

*BONUS! If English is not your first language or you’re attending high school in a non-English-speaking country, you should report your highest TOEFL or IELTS score and highest sub-scores, similar to the SAT description above.

We are really excited about this change, but we know it will come with questions! Please feel free to comment below with questions. As always, you can all our office at 217-333-0302 Monday-Friday from 8:30-5:00 CST to talk with a counselor or send us an email at



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