The Career Center: A Godsend for Pre-Health Students


Whether you have known what to do since you were little or are planning to figure it out once you arrive on campus, the Career Center has a ton of resources for you! From personal one-on-one appointments with career and major advisors, to workshops on resume writing and interviewing, to a constant stream of events, and a huge amount of free resources all conveniently located just west of our Alma Mater Statue across Wright Street. A complete list of their of services is too immense to list here, but if you are curious to learn more, go visit their website! You definitely need to take advantage of The Career Center to give you the best shot at success come graduation!

Pre-health students in particular would be at a significant disadvantage if they didn’t utilize all the resources the Career Center has in particular for them. The Career Center has helped me immensely throughout my time here at Illinois, starting from the end of my freshman year. It was then I decided medicine was a better path for me than working for a non-profit.

Still, it was a big decision and I was confused on where to turn. I went to the Career Center straight away to get the details on all that was needed to apply to medical school. There, I got tons of detailed information on the particular classes I would need to take to apply to medical school. From then on out, I made an appointment with Karen Paulsen every semester just so she could check in with me in terms of if I was on the right track and keeping up with everything I had to do. She was happy to meet with me, and I learned a lot from her. During my junior year, I attended a workshop that Karen puts on for juniors explaining the nitty gritty process of the medical school application. She really is an expert on everything pre-health!

The summer of 2009 going into my senior year, I was applying to medical schools around the country. With over 140 to choose from, I was lost! The Career Center was again able to help me out – albeit now with a 3 inch thick official booklet giving me the straight facts on all of them! I was able to get a better sense of which schools would be good choices to apply to.

In the beginning of my senior year, decked out in my fancy-schmancy business suit, I went to the Career Center to have a mock interview. My interview consisted of spending about 30 minutes with an interviewer, and then she gave me some pointers on what I could improve upon and what were my strong points. The best part? You are video taped during your interview. I discovered that I liked to look at the wall a lot when I was nervous… and also failed my hands about way to much … and played with the rings on my hands! I definitely kept these things and other tips I learned from the interviewer in mind during my medical school interviews – rings not included!

We are so lucky to have a Career Center this great at Illinois. Take full advantage of it!


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