A Thank You to Illinois

On my convocation in 2006, I looked around at the distinguished faculty and my 7,000 plus classmates – I was exhilarated. I knew Illinois would always provide diverse experiences that would challenge me and help me grow into a true adult.

When I graduate in May, I will know that my gut feeling was right – Illinois has shaped me to be a better citizen of the world.

I have so many people and experiences to thank for that –

Thanks to my little sister who keeps reminding me what is really important.

Thanks to my professors in the Campus Honors Program who have increased my need for an interdisciplinary understanding of global issues.

Thanks to my parents for always giving me advice when life got really stressful, and for your support along the way. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Thanks to my experience assisting in the establishment of the Women’s Resource Center – the dedication of my peers leaves me with hope for an even better future.

Thanks to my challenging classes – the struggle gave me a true understanding of what it means to learn.

Thanks to my best friends who reminded me never to judge a book by its cover – we will be friends for life.

Thanks to my mentors who saw my strengths I couldn’t see myself and helped me utilize them for others.

Thank you!




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