Living in Allen Hall

I feel as if I couldn’t have chosen a better place to live this year than Allen Hall because it is just an all-round great dorm. Where should I begin? Well for those who don’t know what Allen Hall is, it is one of the many dorms here on campus. However, Allen Hall is part of a group of living areas specifically designed to foster a learning environment outside the classroom. These living areas are called Living-Learning Communities (LLC) and each LLC has its own theme behind it. Allen Hall actually is the only LLC that has its own building and it encourages residents to take advantage of their many resources.

One thing that definitely lured me toward choosing to live in Allen was the fact that so many courses are offered inside the building each semester!! Yes, that means you can literally wake up five minutes before class and still be on time! Also, these course are much smaller than other classes offered on campus. I am currently  enrolled in two classes at Allen Hall. My first class is PS 101, which for any future political science major is a class you will have to take. The class size is approximately thirty students. The other class I am enrolled in at Allen is Music 169: Introduction to Singing (I’ve always loved music so; I figured this could help me actually create my own music with my voice). This class has approximately 7 students – that is something I never expected at such a large university. What I truly enjoy about these two classes is the fact that there is much more interaction between the students and teachers. This is benefical because it allows you to ask questions when needed and actually get to know the professors. Allen is also in a great location since it isn’t too far from the quad.

Additionally, Allen Hall is known as an artsy dorm, which is made clear as soon as you step foot in the door.  Allen has many resources to feed any artist’s needs. There is a ceramic studio, photography lab, computer music lab, digital video editing lab, music practice room, computer lab, library, and a poster and office equipment room. There are also many opportunities to get involved in the numerous clubs specifically for Allen Hall residents. These clubs range from more basic organizations such as a soccer club that I am involved in, to more bizarre clubs like the hot tub club, which is basically what it states – a bunch of people meeting at the hot tub at CRCE (Campus Recreation Center East). I will be blogging about CRCE in the near future as well as the ARC. Another unique aspect about Allen is the Guest in Residence program. This program invites visiting guests who have a range of professions and backgrounds to live in Allen for 1-2 weeks and interact with students. The point of the program is to expose students to something they wouldn’t usually be exposed to. The current guests are members of The Combat Paper Project, a project that focuses on working with veterans and who hold numerous paper activities such as making paper from rag pulp. These programs are definitely interesting.

Furthermore, Allen Hall is filled with such a diverse group of people, not only ethnically, but in interests as well. This is reflected by the numerous clubs and activities held at the dorm. The RA’s on each floor regularly plan many activities for the floor and most of them are really interesting. An example, which comes to mind, is the floor dodge ball tournament. There is currently a tournament going on between each floor of the hall and a lot of people have fun at these events! If any future U of I student is looking into housing I would definitely recommend looking into Allen Hall.

Until Next Time,

Luis Miguel Alanis “ILLINIkid”

P.S. sorry for no pictures my camera broke, but I will post pictures as soon as it gets fixed.


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