Thanksgiving Break

We (Illinois students) are currently enjoying our much needed break after working hard for the past couple of months. Thanksgiving break started Friday and we will start classes again on Monday the 29th. During break most of the dorms close, yet living in the dorms during break is still an option for those who cannot go home during break for whatever reason (after paying an extra fee). Starting Friday afternoon, the campus was beginning to feel a bit empty because the students were going back home as soon as they were done with their last class. I had booked my train ticket back to Chicago for Saturday morning so by the time I left campus I saw nothing but fog filled streets.

Even during break, some of us will still continue to study since a lot of us will be having tests right after break and finals following after that. However, it sure feels nice to be back home with our loved ones.

Like my friend Ofelia said..Ghost town??

Hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving!!!!


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Dian Deserio

January 28, 2011, 4:51 pm

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