Moms Weekend

As a high school student looking forward to college, there is one thing you are probably not thinking of.  Bringing your parents to campus.  Not just bringing them to campus, but actually letting them stay in your room for a weekend and hang out with your friends.  However, being away from home for several months you will soon think this concept is  ‘fun’.  Maybe that’s just me, but one week out of the year on campus, this seems to be the ‘cool’ thing to do.  Honestly, if my my mom was not on campus during this week called ‘Moms Weekend’ I would feel out of place.

This coming weekend is moms weekend at the University of Illinois.  Bringing your mom to campus may not seem like the most fun weekend plans you will make in your four years, but believe it or not, it is!  One weekend during the school year (well, you can have your mom visit anytime), you and your friends can take your moms out to your favorite locations, spend the weekend together, and participate in campus activities.  Each year, there are activities at the Union, Assembly Hall, and sometimes within clubs and organizations.  A calendar for events can be viewed here:

My moms favorite event is the craft show at the Union on Saturday.  She enjoys walking around, shopping, and visiting with other moms.  Sometimes, she even gets lucky and is able to meet some of my friends’ moms who happen to be in the same place as we are.  The after effect of moms weekend isn’t so bad either, your mom will probably understand your phone conversations a little better when you are talking about your walk to class, roommates, friends, and other college-related topics.

During this weekend, you are able to make a weekend full of plans with just your mom or with your friends’ moms. Last year, I joined two of my friends from home for a dinner with our moms. The three of us friends would go out for dinner quite a bit during the school year, so it was a nice change for our moms to join us. We went to a hibachi grill for dinner, and spent the rest of the evening together.  The picture below shows our group on moms weekend.  If you haven’t already told your mom about this event, you should.  If your mom is unable to make it for a number of reasons, invite your aunt, older sister, grandma, anyone.  It’s really a great event, and one of my favorite weekends on campus.


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April 6, 2011, 8:01 pm

My mom already told me that she wants me to go to Illinois so she can have a mom’s weekend with some of her friends that already have kids down there. Can’t wait!