Apartment life

I have survived my first few weeks of living on my own. After 20 years of living under the comfort of my parents’ roof, I’m finally responsible for myself. All the little things that I’ve taken for granted are suddenly making an appearance. From keeping a well stocked fridge to vacuuming to paying the bills, it’s a lot to have on a college student’s plate.

When my parents dropped me off, we went grocery shopping. Soon I realized that I could never have the variety of foods I want when I’m only feeding myself. Buying groceries for one is a curse wrapped in a blessing. I’ve found that I can never quite clear my fridge before I need to throw things out. And since I don’t have a car on campus, there always seems to be a few days of limbo where we don’t have anything but condiments in our fridge. Those days I survive on dry foods, restaurants and free food (whenever I can get it!)

Besides my newly founded responsiblities, I’ve been enjoying the apartment life. The level of freedom and privacy I have is unequivocal and I imagine it will be hard to transition from this to living with my parents again for my winter and summer breaks.

My roommates and I all have the same lifestyle so living with each other has been a breeze. We’re all busy, but at least once a day we will all sit down and chat, have dinner or simply watch TV together. It’s very different from living in a sorority house with 50 girls, but I like the familiarity and comfort of it. I look forward to living it up in my first year of independence!



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