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Calling all #FutureIllini Parents and Family!

First, here's to you! Whether your a parent, teacher, sibling, uncle, neighbor, friend, you've done a lot to support your student up until this point. And whether you believe it or not, they will still want your help and support navigating the college ad… Keep Reading

by Kaci

August 15, 2018


Spring 2019: The Transfer Application Process

The fall semester has started.  You are probably thinking about transferring to Illinois next spring.  The transfer application will open for the Spring 2019 semester on September 1.  Here is some information about the process. You can apply to … Keep Reading

by Brian

August 14, 2018



Hey everybody, I hope you all are enjoying those last few weeks of summer vacation and are ready to apply to Illinois! If you have not done so, make sure you mark your calendars because our application will be opening September 1 this year. I am sure you … Keep Reading

by Jhonatan

August 13, 2018


Take Action….Early Action!

If you are anything like me, you are a very punctual person. I don't think there is anything better you can do to show you are prepared and organized than to show up on time. I wholeheartedly believe that the saying is true, that the early bird really doe… Keep Reading

by Logan

August 3, 2018


Financial Aid Filing Season

As the start of the school year is quickly approaching, seniors should be keeping financial aid at the forefront of their thoughts. Financial aid is very important as it’s necessary for many students to be able to afford post-secondary opportunities. In… Keep Reading

by Chris

August 2, 2018


Introducing Self-Reported Test Scores!!!

Introducing.... Self-Reported Test Scores! ‘Tis the season! I’m here to share an exciting update to the Illinois freshman application…self-reported test scores!! For years, we’ve had students self-report their high school grades and courses, a… Keep Reading

by Kaci

August 1, 2018


Your path to Illinois starts here!

Hey, y’all! I’m back! Back to talk to you about how to start your Illinois journey. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the college search process is overwhelming. I hope this post will help you, no matter where you are in school or the wo… Keep Reading

by Kaci

July 20, 2018


Application Essay Tips and Tricks

At this point in the summer, you’re probably getting close to being halfway done with your summer break. Before you know it, the Fall 2019 application is going to open! Yes...we do in fact read each and every essay that is submitted with the application… Keep Reading

by Hannah

June 29, 2018


Summer Registration Is Only The Beginning

For everyone who is registering for classes to take this fall for their first semester, summer registration is only the beginning of what will be four years of adventure. Just like any great adventure should be, don't be afraid to take chances and gain ex… Keep Reading

by Jacob

June 13, 2018


Krannert Center 50th Anniversary Season Announced

Here at the University of Illinois, we are incredibly lucky to have Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, a renowned performing arts complex housing multiple stages plus rehearsal and production spaces, as part of our campus. April 2019 officially mark… Keep Reading

by Krannert Center

June 7, 2018


Don’t forget about your transcripts!

Hiya, everybody! I hope your summers are off to a great start; I mean, how could they not be? You’ve already been admitted, you’re finally graduating high school, and you’re gearing up to join the Illini family in the fall! However, don’t g… Keep Reading

by Danny

June 4, 2018


Studying in England: Classes, Rain, and Tea

I did it. I did the thing. I studied in a different country for an entire semester and lived to tell the tale. I also drank a lot of tea through it all. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty scary. But it was also pretty amazing, too. I want to share every … Keep Reading

by Alexandra

June 1, 2018


Admitted International Students: Orientation FAQs

The Fall semester is fast approaching, which means the international student orientation is right around the corner! Here is some information to keep in mind while preparing for the next steps of your journey: What is the international student orien… Keep Reading

by Suha

May 22, 2018


From I-STAR to Illinois Graduate…hear some of their stories!

Have you been on a campus visit? Did you take a campus tour? If so, you met one of our 80+ Illinois Student Admissions Representatives (I-STARs). The I-STAR position is one of the most sought after positions on campus. I'm lucky enough to work with all of… Keep Reading

by Kaci

May 14, 2018


Welcome Week “Truly a week to remember”

Welcome week is a great time for newly admitted freshmen and transfers to become better acquainted with Campus Town and the many opportunities that are available for students at Illinois. It’s also a great time to meet your fellow classmates and build c… Keep Reading

by Chris

May 11, 2018

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The Journey So Far

Completing junior year felt like an accomplishment. Unlike the first two years, I felt that my post-college life was coming into focus. It was a year for trying new things and finding what works. While failure became another method of learning, success se… Keep Reading

by Jacob

May 11, 2018


A Week Before Graduation…

Hello, and happy Saturday, everybody! Today is May 5th, 2018, and as much as I'm denying this, graduation is a week from today! I'm happy, and excited for my adventures in the future, but I will miss all of my friends so incredibly much. Today was a… Keep Reading

by Sarah

May 5, 2018


Admitted International Students: F-1 Visas

Now that you have some information about the I-20 Process, you are probably wondering, “What comes next?” As you may already know, international students need to obtain an F-1 visa to enroll in an academic institution in the United States. So, I wi… Keep Reading

by Suha

April 30, 2018


What the Alma Mater Means to Me

The Alma Mater statue is arguably the most recognizable part of the Illinois campus. You can find the statue on the corner of Green and Wright Street in Champaign. It was designed by a University of Illinois graduate named Lorado Taft, who has a dorm name… Keep Reading

by Daniel

April 30, 2018


Preparing for Final Exams

As May rolls around, college students and high schoolers alike are feeling the stress of exams. Preparing for final exams is half the battle to success, so today I wanted to provide a few tools that have really helped me succeed. Prepare in advance … Keep Reading

by Rachel

April 29, 2018